Patents and Trademarks

We strongly believe that innovators, creators, and inventors should be rewarded for the risks they take to create something new for the world. 

Westa holds a number of registered trademarks and patents issued by the United States and other countries. It is important that we inform you of the intellectual property which we own.


The Westa Clip is protected by U.S. Patent No. D905,014 and China Patent Application No. 201930537367.0.

The Westa Clip is also protected under pending utility applications in the US and worldwide. 


Westa LLC holds registered trademarks on the name "Westa" as well as our logo in the US and other countries. 

US Serial No. 88647077

US Serial No. 88611973

US Serial No. 88615310

European Union Trade Mark Registration No. 18219679

European Union Trade Mark Registration No. 18195241

China Registration No. 42070151