What is a Westa Clip?

We took the humble pocket clip and added smart features to solve all the ways you want to carry your phone. The ring gives you a solid one-handed grip on the go, lying down, sitting up, upside down, playing games, shooting video, or taking selfies. Landscape or portrait. Reach every corner of your phone with one hand without adjusting your grip. The Clip holds tight to your pockets or your bag. Your phone is always in fast reach. It's also a kickstand with a slick all-metal mechanism to hold your phone in portrait or landscape.


 P O C K E T C L I P 

The Westa Clip was inspired by the pocket clips found on many everyday carry items such as pocket knives, lights, and pens. We were frustrated by the lack of a similar clip for the one item almost everybody carries every day, so we made one. The clip makes access to the phone fast and simple. No more digging through pockets or dropping an expensive phone in the bottom of pockets with items which can scar or tarnish it.

 Clip it to your pants. 

 Or a bag. 

 G R I P 

Phones keep getting bigger, yet our hands stay the same size making parts of the screen hard to reach. By gripping the phone by its center, the corners of the screen are easier to reach. The Westa Clip’s patent-pending ring grip provides multiple comfortable grip options. Try the inside of the ring or wrap a finger around its outside. The smooth texture allows for a variety of comfortable grip options.

 Reach your whole screen with one hand.

Flip your screen effortlessly.

K I C K S T A N D 

There are grips. There are kickstands. Some do both. None do both as gracefully as the Westa Clip. With the push of a button, you can convert the clip into a steady kickstand. The dual locking mechanism will hold a phone at a handy 75 degrees in portrait or landscape. The versatile kickstand is great for video conferencing, watching videos, FaceTime, following recipes. It's perfect for recording TikToks, workout videos, dance how-tos, or whatever else you creators can come up with!

Press the button to release the precision lock and convert the clip into a kickstand. 

L I E S  F L A T

Unlike many phone grips and stands, the Westa Clip lies flat. No more wobbling screens as you try to use your phone. 


The Westa Clip works with wireless chargers in the open position.


The Westa Clip fits many phone cases using a 3M industrial adhesive. This is the same stuff they use instead of rivets to bond sheet metal and to attach GoPros to Formula 1 cars. It's strong. Just peel, place, press, and go. We recommend attaching your Westa Clip to a hard, flat case for a permanent bond. See the FAQ below for more details on the best ways to use your Westa Clip and a note on attaching the clip directly to glass-backed phones.


The Westa Clip is made from high-quality materials. Aluminum for the clip arm, button, and locking mechanism. And EMS Grivory for the base. Grivory is an exotic composite polymer that's used in specialized metal-replacement applications. If you're a collector of high-end knives, you might recognize the name. It's really cool stuff!

Always keep it in reach. The Westa Clip was designed to be used with the phone inside the pocket and the clip lever on the outside of the pocket. 

Hold the phone with your pointer or middle finger in the ring. Or wrap it over the top. Or try pinching it with two fingers. Lots of options! Do you use your phone in bed? Yes, of course you do. Finally, you can lie on your side with your phone propped at a comfortable angle without it flopping over. 

Push the side button, lift the lever open, and enjoy your phone in landscape or portrait. Push the side button again to release the lock. 

You might not think halving the time it takes to get to your phone is important to you. Until you get used to it. Do you remember the last time you forgot to turn your ringer off in a meeting or a movie? 

The Westa Clip works best on smooth, hard cases with a flat surface under the clip. The other thing to keep in mind is the location of your cameras and fingerprint readers. With the clip attached at the bottom of the phone as we recommend, it most likely won't interfere with your phone's features. If you're not sure, you can measure.  

 Depth: 8mm