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What is a Westa Clip?

We took the humble pocket clip and added smart features to solve all the ways you want to carry your phone. The ring gives you a solid one-handed grip on the go, lying down, sitting up, upside down, playing games, shooting video, or taking selfies. Landscape or portrait. Reach every corner of your phone with one hand without adjusting your grip. The Clip holds tight to your pockets or your bag. Your phone is always in fast reach. It's also a kickstand with a slick all-metal mechanism to hold your phone in portrait or landscape. ORDER YOUR WESTA CLIP HERE  P O C K E T C L I P  The Westa Clip was inspired by the pocket clips found on many everyday carry items such as pocket knives,...

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The Charities We Support

This is a unique time, but even if it wasn't, we think it's important to help. Right now, we're donating a significant portion of our sales to two charities which are helping us fight COVID-19. Here's a little more information on the two charities. Terms of our charitable program.   Click here to learn more. New vaccines for a safer world As the COVID-19 pandemic shows, in a world characterised by increasing population density, human mobility, and ecological change, emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) pose a real and growing threat to global health security. Epidemic diseases affect us all. They do not respect borders. The costs of EIDs are vast, in both human and economic terms. As well as the devastating...

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Media Kit

  MEDIA KIT Questions? Reach us at The Westa Clip is a beautiful phone accessory that keeps your phone in secure reach, helps you reach your entire screen with one hand, and lets you work, create content, or watch videos hands free. PRODUCT PHOTOS LOGOS PRESS RELEASE STORY

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